Fonda Dixx is the stage name of Ronan Clayton. The all singing, some dancing, minor lip-syncing self proclaimed ‘Plus size Barbie Princess of Congleton….. that’s as cheap as Vicky Pollard’ is here and ready to *blow* you away.

In 2021, following the Congleton pride event Ronan (who is chair of pride), decided he was born to be a drag queen.

Fonda’s first outing was at the “Thank You” night – a private event for just sponsors, committee members, & volunteers. Since then Fonda has joined drag sister, Stella Black, to become a powerhouse double act having their own Halloween event at Bamboogy (now known as 3d), a Christmas event, as well as residency’s at local pubs and clubs in and around Congleton.

Fonda also has her own solo events, including the very popular Fonda Bingo held at Rumba. Fonda is ready to knock your socks off, with her high energy performance, & singing abilities….. ‘Whatever you want me to sing I can do it, Gwen Stefani I can sing, Prince I can sing, Sheila E, Kylie, Da… I probably could do Danni as well, I can sing better than Madonna.’